About Baba

Freelance Bassist and composer Baba Elefante was nominated as one of the nation’s top bass players in a Bass Player Magazine poll.

Baba has been the bassist for The Ron Kobayashi Trio, a trio that has been together for more that 21 years. The group members, Ron Kobayashi, Steve Dixon and Baba Elefante has recorded 4 CD’s… Starting with, the self titled “Ron Kobayashi Trio” 2nd release “Exotic Places” 3rd release “No Preservatives” and 4th “Be Bop and Swing”. Baba is currently working with the Ron Kobayashi Trio as well as The Joe Jewell Quartet and the Jody Fisher Trio.

Baba’s studio work spans television, movies and records including the 1995 Universal movie “The Hunted”. He has recorded and or performed with jazz trumpeter Roy Hargrove, saxophonists Pete Christlieb, Justo Almario, Eric Marienthal, Albert Wing and Brandon Fields, “Yes” keyboardist Patrick Moraz, Lee Osker of the band “War” and “Kansas” lead vocalist John Elefante.

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